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From Breda A15: Take the highway to Breda. Follow the A27/A58 (it’s an exit of the A16 shortly after crossing the border, direction Breda/Tilburg) and then follow A27 direction Breda-Gorinchem-Utrecht. After the bridge near Gorinchem, keep right, direction A15 Rotterdam and take the left lane of the 2 lanes going right. From that lane, you will right turn onto the A15 to Rotterdam. Leave on exit 25 (Sliedrecht Oost) and go to the left (3/4) on the roundabout , straight on for 150 meters and then again left (crossing the A15 on the bridge). Follow the instructions below.

From A16 South: Leave the A16 on exit 20, direction Papendrecht Take a right turn onto the N3, follow that road, toward Papendrecht. Watch your speed -80- on the bridge, speedcameras, until you can take a right turn (about 1 km after the bridge) onto the A15 direction Sliedrecht-Gorinchem-Nijmegen. Leave on exit 25 (Sliedrecht Oost) and go to the right.

From Rotterdam A15:
Leave on exit 25 (Sliedrecht Oost) and go to the right. After turning left twice (coming from the east – Gorinchem) or right once (coming from the west, Rotterdam), follow the dike for about 800 meter. Then, take the (first) turn right, Thorbeckelaan. Down, 150 meters further, take the roundabout to the left (3/4), into IJsvogel. Follow this road to the left. On the first small left turn, you’ll find IC2, IJsvogel 16 – note the remarkable blue colour of the house. The entry is on the road from where you entered (and not to the left as indicated on the sign…).

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