iConnect CRM


iConnect is more than just CRM (customer relationship management). We call it information management because all relevant information about your relations and your own company or organization is accessible through iConnect : attentions, appointments, emails, knowledge, documents, financial data and much more. Information management is also the key to commercial success and customer satisfaction. But also to good relations between your organization and your relationships in general. Nobody can overlook relevant information anymore. Unlike other software, all information in iConnect can be searched and viewed from different points of view.

Relation management

Here you register all address- and company data of your relations. The company data are mainly registered in profiles, on which you can easily make selections, to handle your marketing efficiently. In one of the tabs you can register (telephone)?notes on the relation.

File management

New documents (Word, Outlook etc.) can be initialised using templates, saved and overviewed from a relation. Existing documents can be added to the listing. Graphs can be shown in the screen. All files can be shown in the relating software. Documents can be scanned from iConnect and added to relations or sent as attachments with e-mails.