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Iberia http://www.iberia.com/
Reception Unfriendly and uninterested
punctual & info Usually delayed, many messages of travelers about several days delayed with poor help and support from airline, many of them lost luggage
space/comfort The standard space of the Iberia economy class is very tight, especially on European flights. Uncomfortable chairs
entertainment system The quality of the personal entertainment system is moderate.
meals On European flights, no meal is provided as tough this is a budget airline instead of a regular service. The meals are average on long haul destinations. Requested vegetarian meal did not not come through once
service Dramaticilly bad, probably the worst of the 50 airlines we have flown. Hardly rounds with drinks. Passengers on a flight already much-delayed who was waiting over an hour for a drinks went to a flight attendand and was rudely shouted back to his seat by the cabin crew.
clean Bad. Toilets not cleaned on intercontinental flights
aftersales/contact Local office helpful when requested for a change in flight time but too expensive.
airplanes Airbus, average age
number of flights 5-10
impression Airline to avoid whenever possible

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