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Malaysia Airlines http://www.malaysiaairlines.com
Reception Very friendly
punctual & info Relatively often delayed, captain waits for 2 hours to 5 passengers and especially their baggage
space/comfort Good with 34″ but the less comfortable seats reduce the sense of space
entertainment system Rather lots of choice, Western music, however, is somewhat limited . Screens of poor quality, vibrant images.
meals Good
service Good but cabin crew can not make decisions easily. Warning passengers who keep walking through the cabin during strong turbulence is insufficient. Ground staff is flexible with excess luggage.
clean Yes
aftersales/contact No response on form submitted during flight. E-mail must sometimes be resent to get an answer. Exceptional customer-friendly response to the request to use a flight later which, due to circumstances, could not be taken
airplanes Intercontinental, the Boeing 747’s are older and it shows somewhat. The reason is probably that delivery of the Airbus A380 planes on order is delayed much by Airbus.
number of flights 5-10
impression One of the better airlines

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