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Thomas Cook http://www.thomascookairlines.com

Thomas Cook Airlines

Reception Flights operated by SN Brussels Airlines.
punctual & info Friendly.
space/comfort One time, return flight somewhat delayed.
entertainment system Not much space
meals N/A
service Thomas Cook promises on the website “Always all in prices including food and drink” but Thomas Cook passengers on SN Brussels Airlines have to pay for snacks. SN Brussels Airlines also can not help that Thomas Cook’s customers a mislead their aircrew get regular complaints.
clean Yes
aftersales/contact The complaint is answered too but Thomas Cook not admit the website is misleading. It makes no difference for a passenger, whether the flight is carried out by Thomas Cook or by others. When a meal and drink are promised this should be given.
airplanes Depending on airline used
number of flights 2
impression An airline that misleads customers should be avoided

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