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Thrifty Cars Rentals Australia
Reception Ok.
reservation Yes, via website of travel agent. The first and 3rd time this was effectively through Britz Melbourne/Hobart, the second time through Thrifty Brisbane. All times excellently arranged by Fivesenses in Rotterdam
price The rental fee depends on factors like season, supply & demand, but Thrifty tends to be somewhat less expensive
car Mitsubishi Outlander as affordable compromise between an expensive 4WD and a 2WD ( ie All wheel drive) . The second time only a Ford Territory was available which , although large and comfortable, is a lot bigger and with higher fuel consumption. The 3rd time (as only 2 days) a Suzuki Swift.
service, remarks In Sydney , the car was returned just in front of the car rental office at the airport but without explanation the deposit was only refunded partly . Asked for explanation, they said steam cleaning was needed, something only done on a very dirty interior which had certainly not been the case . Only after much correspondence , this was returned . Since then we let Thrifty ( and others ) sign for the return even if that requires that someone has to come to the counter in the middle of the night , like the 2nd time .
clean good

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