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Cat Cocos Inter Island Boats LTD
Jetty, Victoria, Mahé Seychelles
Tel: +248 324 843 Fax +248 324 845

The Cat Cocos catamaran services between Victoria on Mahé and Praslin . Note that already a bit higher waves pose a risk of seasickness, even if it is a catamaran.
We also want to mention here that all guides and travel agents say that Praslin is nicer and calmer than Mahé, but that we ourselves found our stay on Mahé ( La Rocaille ) and Cerf (Ferry Tern Chalet) calmer and gave better snorkeling .
Reception professional
reservation yes, via above e-mail address. The site is sometimes down and the staff sometimes doesn’t have time to answer.
price SCR 2900. Note: also overweight luggage is charged which is not mentioned in the booking. You can pay with credit card, in Euro’s and in SCR. Book directly with them; agents charge 50% more and you don’t have to prepay anyway
Cabin n.a. However there is business class and an outside deck
Restaurant cafeteria
breakfast/diner n.a.
Neighbourhood beautiful view
Extra A free shuttle goes from the airport to the ferry and v.v. A video is shown during the trip on one ferry, and fortunately only until departure- very annoying music on the othe ferry

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