• 250 Mb
  • 3 e-mail accounts
  • 0,5 hour service
  • Yearly: 60,-

Best pick

  • 1 Gb
  • Unlimites number of e-mail accounts
  • 1 hour service
  • Yearly: 150,-


  • Exchange with 100%uptime garanty
  • 100 Gb space per mailbox
  • All services like OWA, agenda, public folders, BlackBerry support.
  • Premium antispam and antivirus
  • Support included (‘fair use’ ), e.g. for examing reason for none deliverd mail.
  • Per e-mail account per month: 12,50

Prices ex. VAT, invoiced per calendar year

The best price-quality ratio of Nederland Our standard webhosting plan only costs ? 60.00 (ex VAT) per year. Yet we offer more than other webhosters.

  • Websites are on Dutch Windows server
  • Unlimited data traffic (fair use)
  • Full service. Need a new e-mail address? We create it for you.
  • Reachability. No expensive 0900 numbers or endless waiting lists if you call us.
  • All options, such as .NET, ASP (x), CGI, WordPress, and so on.
  • Service depends on type of website (up to 0.5-1.5 hours/year)

Or phone +31-0184-420384