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Maui Campers

Australia lends itself very good for travelling with a camper. The roads are quiet, filling drinking water or dumping dirty water can be done in many places and there are many campings of which campsites in national parks and state parks usually are simple but the most beautifully located campsites. Campers there are relatively expensive.
Reception Friendly. However, when we asked on returning the vehicle if we could first check in the luggage we got the following responde: that would cost more than 20 minutes and if we would be back after 16:30 that would cost us an extra $ 350!
reservations Yes, via website or travel organizations
price The rental price varies very much, with period, demand and supply, special offers, deals in combination with travel, etc. 
car We had the 2 berth camper. Beautiful motorhome with large windows offering a grand view. Facilities include: pretty much closet space, 3 burner gas stove, great counter top also 1 above cabinets, electronic safe, reasonably sized fridge (only on internal battery), shower/toilet. Solar cells recharge enough to supply internal power for 2 (or more?) days without having to drive. Car itself is a modern Mercedes Sprinter, with a.o. cruise control. Annoying was that driving away with the handbrake (slope pull) the horn was activated. Steering and overview were fine. Diesel consumption almost 1: 10
beds Large bed can be made from backseats, in several configurations with chairs and table top. Bed is comfortable.
service Maui wants to make money with everything; even coffee costs $ 3 and a simple Tasmania map (seen for $ 2 in a tourist shop) will cost $ 5 in Hobart. Staff is however more flexible on a longer rental. Extensive answer received from HQ to suggestions.
clean Good. Non smoking


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