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Ball Bay Bliss Ball Bay
Mackay area
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Situated right at the beach in a small village this large and richly decorated home is a great place to stay. A large shady veranda and often some cooling sea breeze makes it inviting to sit outside (on one of the several comfortable chairs and banks). There are 3 bedrooms, both doubles have an airco, the single a fan; also the large living room/kitchen has an airco. The place has lots of facilities like a large oven, large flat screen TV, carport parking.  For a safe box jelly fish free swim drive 2 km to near the golf field. North of a certain line in Queensland there are crocodile warnings everywhere but according to locals crocodiles have never been seen at the beach and getting in the water would also be safe with a north westerly wind. In very early morning you could see turtles hatching and getting to sea (November, December). Although it could be possible to see beach kangaroos we did not during our 2 day stay. The place is very quiet with little �village sounds� and in the trees between the house and the sea many interesting birds can be seen.




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