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Chalet - Cane Farm Stay Welcome Creek
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If you look at the price of this chalet you are in for a surprise as it offers more than many 50% more expensive places elsewhere. This chalet is very well equipped but the owners are still adding or improving things. It has a modern kitchen with all you need, a separate bedroom, 2 mobile airco units, tv, good internet. There’s a veranda round 2 sides of the house and the chairs have thick comfortable cushions which we have missed on more than one other place we stayed. You have undisturbed views into the sugar cane fields. The owners provided multiple things to cater four our breakfast and we could also just pick the ripe mango’s. On top of that Charlie gave us a tour explaining all kind of things about sugar canes and more. Welcome Beach safe sea swimming is close by and Bundaberg not far away either. It is very quiet so there is little left to wish for if you stay a while in sugar cane country and choose this great chalet.




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