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Emirates https://www.emirates.com/
Reception Very friendly.
punctual & info Most flights on time or early; 3/8 max 0,5 uur late
space/comfort Good seat pitch. Business Class very large + full flat bed ; some with massage chairs. Chairs in 777 economy are set up 3-4-3 which limits the width compared to some airlines using 3-3-3. A380 business class features a private small minibar and a real bar with service, drinks and nice snacks in the back of the plane.
entertainment system Very good. Very large screens of high quality. Huge selection of movies, TV series (often at least three episodes), games, music. USB connection to your own picture gallery. 2 chairs share power for laptops. All in economy Boeing 777 or Airbus A380 and, with larger screens and a tablet, in business.
meals Well below average if you ordered a vegetarian meal - and that for business class. They can not combine gluten free and vegetarian although they promised to do so. Not possible to select the time of serving diner; they served shortly after take off after which most business class passenger had a meal in the lounge. Economy class meals on earlier flights where good.
service Exellent in cabin, poor for customer service. Business class flights include limousine service up til 65 km.
clean Very good
aftersales/contact The complaint about the meal was handled very badly - it was not much more than 'sorry you didn't like it but Emirates has the best meals in industry'..
airplanes Young fleet. We flew the Boeing 777-300ER, the Airbus A380-800 and the Airbus A340-500.  See https://www.emirates.com/english/flying/our_fleet/our_fleet.aspx
number of flights 12
impression One of the best airlines, especially because of the fleet, entertainment system and some of the services.

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