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Forest Lodge Villa Forest Lodge
Captain Creek
Tel: +61 2 9277 1111
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Beautifully decorated home tucked away on a large piece of woodland. The comfortable banks on the veranda look right into all kind of trees and plants and wildlife passes by. Large king size bed. The room has no airco but it rarely gets extremely hot apparently and the fans cooled well. Kitchen facilities were enough to prepare meals; there is even a small oven. The house is a few 100 meters from the road to Agnes Water which only has light traffic. The big attraction is that the owners spent all their money on caring for sugar gliders and fruit bats which have been brought in because of some issue. They soft relocate them; they are held in large aviaries where they can get out and come back as long as needed after they are ready for their return in nature. The owners feed the animals at dusk which is a rare sight. We have decided to create a donation website for them; the rental is also meant to finance their wildlife care costs.



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