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Getaways at Byfield 247 Yaxleys Road, Byfield, 4703 
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While booking this may look like a complete holiday park but it actually consists of 2 similar houses with a great view on a large pond surrounded by trees, far from each other, and a 10 persons house even further away and the house of the caretakers. They have been very thoughtful, in our case by decorating the house for Christmas Day. The house has a large veranda overlooking the pond and is a one room + bathroom place with a good working airco. You will mainly hear nature sounds, traffic is light and far way. There’s a pool behind the caretakers home.  From there you can go to several walking trails in the large Byfield NP (mixed forest, mainly pine including production areas) or Yeppoon which is a 40 minutes drive away, has all kind of shops, a great free swimming lagoon with infinity view over the sea and snorkeling tours.




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