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Oakey Creek

Oakey Creek Private Retreat
Kenilworth at Gheerulla
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This well equipped and very cosy home is situated at the end of a forested piece of land. It has a combined sitting room and kitchen and a semi separate sleeping room, with the bathroom in the middle. It overlooks a pond still with water in it despite the years of drought, with farmland bordering the forest behind it, forest to the left, some higher situated property visible through the trees to the right and forest left and behind you. There�s a lot of birdsounds and that makes just sitting on the veranda a very tempting day activity. Gavin is a great guy; we have only seen him the first day due to personal circumstances but he has been more than supportive all the time with the small things you sometimes want to know. The home is also a nice starting point for a trip to the Australian Zoo; take the inland route via Montville and you have an beautiful one hour drive as well.



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