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Beechwood St Arnaud
Nieuw Zeeland

SSt Arnaud is a small village pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It does not have ATM and only a small local store; extensive shopping towns with e.g. New World are nearly 100 km away (e.g. Nelson) although a Four Square supermarket can be found in Murchison which is still dozens of kilometres west. Ten km out of town a few roads go up from the quiet road to Picton and to one of these, pretty much at the top, a very pretty holiday home, fully out of sight of the few other houses, can be rented for an incredible NZD 60 per night. From a large veranda, you look far into the forested hills. As it is also used by the family, it is cosy with lots of detail and stuff like books and DVD's which you can watch on a giant LCD TV. There's a separate bedroom with a queen size bed plus a bank which can double as a (less comfortable) sleeping bank. There's a very good washing machine which can be used and a fully equipped kitchen. It is absolutely quiet. Note that the 'bach' principle means you must bring your own linen or pay some extra and you must clean the home on departure.



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