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Tweedsmuir Cottage

Tweedsmuir Cottage,
The Old Exchange,
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Tweedsmuir is along the A701, a main road with regular although not heavy traffic. This means that you do hear traffic most of the time. Also on Saturday night loud music on half a mile distance was  audible within the house, not sure if this is weekly. On Sunday, a farmer mowing his grassland added a while to the traffic noise. Even though we have had quieter places, it is all not too bad and the house is nice. It has combined fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher and table + chairs, a small sofa and 1 additional chair. There are 2 bedrooms, both with their own bathroom. 1 twin and 1 with double beds. As often in the UK, the double bed is pretty  small. Theres a nice terrace and garden with enough shade, a table + chairs + 2 extra chairs which were more comfortable, after cleaning it from bird poo.

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