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Daniela Village
Dahab Tel: 002-02-7486712 or 002-02-7482671 Fax: 002-02-7607750 www.daniela-hotels.com hala@daniela-hotels.com

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Reception ok
reservation yes
price often included in tour
Room with balcony or terrace
cleanliness ok
atmosphere 5 km out of town, so in the dessert
space good
appearance Arabic style village
beds good
bathroom yes
coffeemaker no
AC/fan AC
sound from neighbours not too much
Restaurant it is possible to book all-inclusive for the meals (buffet style)
breakfast included
lunch included
dinner included
Neighbourhood private beach with reef with natural pools, perfect for snorkeling
view Gul of Aqaba
noise music from pool
pool nice one
note pick-up from airport can be arranged (drivers not very good though)
extra diving centre; fridge on room; shuttlebus to town
date October 2002


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